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[audio]abaobiag - fabiorosho
listening to abaobiag is like voyaging through the circuitry of the author's mind, a realm in which the interception and sudden out-of-nowhere appearance of ideas are so fertile that they ultimately take over our prepotent egos and turn them off. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/fabiorosho
Keywords: fabiorosho; abaobiag; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 264
[audio]zumrub - jjoth
zumrub is an intense depiction of modern times through electronic music. a mirror of the inner and the outerself. in that sense, zumrub is a musical psycho-sociological treatise on today. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/jjoth
Keywords: jjoth; zumrub; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 145
[audio]fm-ra - fm-ra
this is a profound album, where i make some computer rock, striving on the use of lfo's over pulse width. the themes are a bit sad, yet warm, punk yet with a somehow pop sound, sometimes reminiscing of the cure. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://fm-ra.blogspot.com
Keywords: fm-ra; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 138 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]andarilho - nuno maltez
this is an album constituted by four songs that were recorded in one take, so you got only one track. the songs are plainly acoustic, and the recording took no kind of effects, except for i had to augment a little bit the gain, since it was recorded at home through these old computer's mic. the first song was composed yesterday, while the other ones were composed years ago. they're a bit into what i'd call folk, sometimes even a bit bluesy, but mainly what you've got here is a man at the crossro...
Keywords: nuno maltez; andarilho; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 77
[audio]forgotten places - subterrestrial
forgotten places is an album where the mind gets immediately immersed. through it, subterrestrial pulls us out of the strictly functional roles we play in our societal wheel of change and reminds us of our own existences beyond that, opening ways to the finitized being's reabsorption in the vaster and obscured realm of reality where stillness rules. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://subterrestrial.blogspot.com
Keywords: subterrestrial; forgotten places; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 583
[audio]void - gerry miroux
this is a minimal album, but a powerful one. you can hear the author living through the pushed knobs in dekalog, or inside the subtle violence of the glitched beats of sans froter. will 2011 be void? are our lifes filled up with emptiness? is the void something we, and only we, humans, account for? is it death? i do not know what it is. but one thing i know - i will definitely let myself be filled up with this drone and experimental voidness...
Keywords: rejected netlabel; gerry miroux; void
Downloads: 109
[audio]supernova - fm-ra
ambient, trance, strings, piano.
Keywords: rejected netlabel; fm-ra; supernova
Downloads: 86 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]cryovolcano 007 - cryovolcano
rejected is proud to release on its collection a beautiful work from cryovolcano, the musician who, for us, wrote some of the best lo-fi tunes until today, such as "trilobite". this record is cryovolcano at his best: beautiful and haunting melodies, robotic yet melodic voices, and some kind of a lo-fi indie drum. rejected made the front cover, still we kept cryovolcano's idea for the cover on the inside...
Keywords: cryvolcano; rejected netlabel; cryovolcano 007
Downloads: 912 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]acusticofobia - noise of teeming
this is an album where you can listen to some industrial influenced sounds, strong beats, and sometimes corrosive lyrics. it sometimes reminds me of old nine inch nails. the guitar, below all the other sounds, is very interesting, since it is somehow atonal and not massive; it doesn't "eat" the other sounds. somehow a disturbed and twisted album for a disturbed and twisted society, and once again the proof that the netlabel scene is so alive, always with fresh talent coming out of nowhere (in th...
Keywords: noise of teeming; acusticofobia; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 196
[audio]amor asas - nuno maltez
this is an album created within the beginning of the passion of a relationship, in 2009. it has got the feelings of overwhelmingness, looking back, expectance, and also some clouds. musically, i'd call it computer rock, since it is mainly rock n' roll programmed with a computer. this record is dedicated to ana. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: rejected netlabel; nuno maltez; amor asas
Downloads: 85
[audio]into the dark - fm-ra
a voyage through day and night. electronica. fm-ra.blogspot.com
Keywords: fm-ra; rejected netlabel; into the dark
Downloads: 75 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]negociation - obsolète broadcast système
first time i heard this obs mini-album i instantly had reminiscences of fusion-jazz drums, and kraftwerkian type drum-and-voice rigidity. although this is a very electronical work, it grows from the amelodic sounds made by those voices, typewriters and white noise to a third and final track called "the other revolution" that presents us with a beautiful yet simple synth-melody that gives us the mote for what obs can do in the future...
Keywords: obsolète broadcast système; negociation; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 139
[audio]arabic nights - fm-ra
This is fm-ra's latest ep. Some kind of electronic metal, ebm. 
Keywords: fm-ra; rejected netlabel; arabic nights
Downloads: 55
[audio]dbl - minds like variety shows
dbl is a a short yet grandious work from minds like variety shows. its music strikes us with its simplicity. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: minds like variety shows; dbl; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 96
[audio]dystopie 3014 - obsolète broadcast système
obsolète broadcast système returns to rejected after the first ep, "negociation". this is a more mature and heavier work, with reminiscences of jjoth's "zumrub" and fabiorosho's "abaobiag". this obs's work is, maybe, a soundtrack for the possible dystopy we're living nowadays. it starts with a smooth and voicy track, evolves to a fantastic and aggressive theme, followed by a third one, which is in my opinion the catchier, but not the most beautiful...
Keywords: obsolète broadcast système; dystopie 3014; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 192
[audio]improvised acoustic guitar - nuno maltez
this is an one song ep of me playing a reverbed and then reversed acoustic guitar. it is also rejected netlabel's first release that doesn't have a cover. music shall speak for its own. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: nuno maltez; improvised acoustic guitar; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 254
[audio]na mesma estrada - nuno maltez
this is the follow up to "andarilho". four songs recorded in just one take and track, sometimes a bit folky, others a bit bluesy. again, a man at a crossroad with his guitar. recorded at home. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: rejected netlabel; nuno maltez; na mesma estrada
Downloads: 56
[audio]morphing organisms - fm-ra
after listening to miroux's album released today here on rejected, and after myself experimenting for a couple of months with drone, i recorded tonight an experimental drone session, using fl studio 9 with three ogun plugins and one korg nanokontrol. i think it goes from an almost angelical or asseptic start to a maddening end. chaordic? what are we looking for? http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://fm-ra.blogspot.com
Keywords: rejected netlabel; fm-ra; morphing organisms
Downloads: 196
[audio][rjctd013] fm-ra - oceans & waves - fm-ra
drone improvising with a bit of noise, thinking of the fluxus reality may be. the ocean and the waves are one of the best images for us to percept that possibility. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://fm-ra.blogspot.com
Keywords: rejected netlabel; fm-ra; oceans & waves
Downloads: 118
[audio]bleeping numbers - sascha muller
this is definitely a release for sega and nintendo lovers, since it is constructed upon four songs, each of these referring to a level of a game. the game is on, and sascha, with mastery, introduces his bips and bleeps to the running theme, wich has somehow a flavour of a high pitched salsa with a light hi-hat. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/saschamuller
Keywords: sascha muller; bleeping numbers; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 89
[audio]32kbps grammophon - nuno maltez
embracing classical violin melodies. the unspokable heart of the universe emotionally unveiled through the mind-like-a-mirror. nothing but the journey through one's subjectivity - arousals and impressions. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: nuno maltez; 32kbps grammophon; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 516
[audio]some kind of forest - fm-ra
this album contains no samples nor loops. it was recorded live at home through audacity and i played all the instruments, which are mainly a kalimba, a rainstick and a storm imitator. this will be the first of a series of acoustic releases of mine, in between to what we're used to. it came out pretty tribal. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://fm-ra.blogspot.com
Keywords: rejected netlabel; fm-ra; some kind of forest
Downloads: 155
[audio]selected raw works vol. 1 - outsider
selected raw works vol. 1 is an electronic music album which relays on the authenticity of the unpolished primitive creation. it is a raw piece of art, ever glowing, created without a purpose. it is also rejected netlabel's first release. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: outsider; selected raw works vol. 1; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 171
[audio]shambhala shambhala - xarhope & cage cabarrett
this is probably the most straight forward album rejected ever released. shambhala shambhala has got so many musical reminiscences that it would be impossible to name them. it is psychedelic, but sometimes folky, it is happy and at other times dark. it is strange. this is a fucking rich record, one can hear over and over again. insane. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://myspace.com/cagebarrett
Keywords: xarhope & cage cabarrett; xarhope; cage cabarrett; shambhala shambhala; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 171
[audio]improvised acoustic guitar 2 - nuno maltez
this is the second ep from the series "improvised acoustic guitar", in which i play a classical guitar with post recording reverb and distortion effects. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com
Keywords: nuno maltez; improvised acoustic guitar 2; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 309 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]some plums and peaches - vziel projet
some plums and peaches is a one piece divided in two work, where vziel projet plays one piano piece and a percussion piece, the first very classical while with some improvisation also, the second improvised and sometimes a bit glitchy. yet, so simple, so beautiful. http://rejectednetlabel.blogspot.com http://www.discogs.com/artist/Vziel+Projet note: the release is wrongly catalogued as rjctd015 on the inside...
Keywords: vziel project; rejected netlabel; some plums and peaches
Downloads: 54
[audio]blackest of stars, dance with me in vacuum - consistency nature
consistency nature presents us here with a fine work of a continuously transforming electric guitar sound that sometimes sounds like everything except a guitar: you can hear birds singing, or even some effects usually used in trance songs. it is a very abstract work, since it is solely based upon the sonic possibilities of the sound and not on melody, making it not an easy listening record, but a very liberating one...
Keywords: blackest of stars dance with me in vacuum; consistency nature; rejected netlabel
Downloads: 74
[audio]TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 7) - TIBOL Lobit Radio
http://tibollobitradio.wordpress.com/ TIBOL is a radio show completely dedicated to lo bit music, their artists and the lobit netlabel scene. in episode 7 Neil Jennings from DER(www.disketteetikette.tk) debuts as the host and serves the listener a great tasty meal of lobit goodies in a whole spectrum of genre-bending-mind-blowing genre's. from drone to ambient, from chiptunes to floppy pop! next to this great music giving you a exclusive eargasm, there is also a very nice exclusive interview wit...
Keywords: DER. diskette etikette records; neil jennings; tibol; lobit; drone; electro; floppyswop; pollux; cryovolcano; rejected netlabel; microbit project; hertzcanary; 20kbps; eugenekha; 8kbps; rainbow valley; flashbob; floppydisc; toxic chicken; McFiredrill; Goto80; floppykillers; pussykillers; dex and the city; overthruster; DJ conductiON; razxca; Obsolete Broadcast Systeme; Flat Affect; 4m@; lofi; lowbit; 16kbps; 46kbps; radio show; community; diy; interview; dance; drone; experimental; punk; pop; idm; dance; breakcore; noise; rhytem; ambient; ambience; tibol lobit radio; 7
Downloads: 61
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